Artwork and design.:

Client, our direct contact at the company (or entity) employing our services.
Design services, all creative work developed by our team.
Imagery/image: photography, vectors, or any visual elements.
Extreme Signs Ltd: the company, its employees, and sub-contractors.

Extreme Signs Ltd offers design services by client instruction. Meaning; all clients are solely responsible for the ownership and legal transfer of: content, imagery, fonts/type branding, logos and any other collateral when created, provided and used by Extreme Signs Ltd on behalf of our client. This extends to images, fonts/type, logos, and content supplied and sourced by Extreme Signs Ltd.

Supplied items:

All artwork supplied to Extreme Signs Ltd, is done so with the correct licensing and rights. Extreme Signs Ltd will not be held responsible for the legal rights and use/distribution of content, imagery, fonts/type branding, logos and any other collateral supplied. Clients must carry out their own due diligence and checks to ensure the images and content supplied can be used for the intended purpose. Extreme Signs Ltd is working under client instruction.

Design services:

All creative work and graphic design services are to be legally checked against trademark records by the client to ensure there are not conflicts in the client’s area of work. Trademark and intellectual property disputes are the responsibility of the client. Our design services are solely by instruction and are not legally cross referenced and checked.

Trademarks and brand protection:

Extreme Signs Ltd is not responsible for the protection and certification of and design work created by instruction, including but not limited to trademarks and intellectual property.

Any design work, content, imagery, fonts/type branding, logos and any other collateral supplied by clients are ‘free issue’ and are used by our team under the understanding that the client has the rights to share and for us to use for commercial purposes.