>>Colour Change Wraps

Colour change wraps; Totally transforming the surface colour of the vehicle or object using either a digitally printed wrap, or off-the-roll film.

We only supply films from brands we trust. Arlon, 3M, Avery, Hexis and Oracal.


If you change your mind, or sell the vehicle, the wrap can be easily removed and/or replaced with another colour.
The protective properties of wrap mean that the original paint is protected by the wrap, and when removed will reveal the paint in the same condition as it was when it was installed

Hendy Landrover: Christchurch, Dorset.

Landrover’s customer wanted something a little different.

Matte Metallic Grey wrap.

This is a white car.

Lusso Leaf: Winchester

Lusso Leaf brought their white van to us for a 100% bespoke treatment.
We used colours and finishes from 3 different vinyl manufacturers to get the colouring and finish spot on.

This is a white van.

Marks Vintage ‘Merican Van

A challange due to the age and tired paint.
We worked with Mark to get this van wrapped.
Pre-wrap prep carried out by customer; sand and fill panels, paint hinges, remove and repair rust, remove handles and bumpers where possible.
We then wrapped the paintwork and filler, in Satin Vampire Red.

On older, or well used, vehicles additional prep is required. And although we are not a paint and body repair shop, we can either arrange (with one of our partners), or advise the best course of action.

This is a white van.

Trowel Craft: Salisbury

Ford Transit Couriers, our customer got his hands on a fleet of cost-effective vans, the only problem, they were the wrong colour. Solution; wrap them matte metallic blue.

These are Yellow vans.

Greener Future

Designed in house by our Little Tom this full wrap for Greener Future. Arlon SLX and Mactac for the detail. With an interesting leaf detail repeat large scale printing is what we do best here at Extreme and this demonstrates the beautiful things that happen with in house design skills and expert installation.

Wrangler Jeep

A labour of love on this Jeep Wrangler with the removal of parts, wrapping of moving parts and covering as much paintwork as possible.
Working with the team at Snows Jeep we were fortunate to have their assistance in removal of all the trim, parts, and even the doors..

Hendy Renault: Portsmouth

Renault UK supplied the wrong colour van, the solution; wrap it.
Wrapped in gloss black, from top to bottom.

This is a blue van.

In-Excess Garden Centres: Landford and Salisbury.

The rest of the fleet is metallic grey, but due to vehicle shortages thanks to the pandemic white was the only option… Until the were wrapped.

This is a white van.

Skipmate Van Wrap

>Part Wraps

A cost effective alternative to a full vehicle colour change.
Wrapping a design orientated area of the vehicle allows for enough of a transformation to become eye catching, whilst greatly reducing the overall cost of the graphics.


Our design team are experts in creating designs within a predetermined budget.
We make a conscious effort to only show designs that are affordable, removing the uncomfortable situation where clients may see something and fall in love, but cannot have due to the budget being exceeded.

Coca-Cola. London.

Coca-Cola were running a charity event, and auctioning off this Mini Hatch.
The Digitally printed wrap was applied as part of the promotion.

VW 2-Tone

Pairing the classic VW 2-tone with a very modern colour combo is perfection.
We used Arlon Graphics EMEA in Gloss Khaki Green. We were impressed by the super high gloss, stunning colour, uniform finish and adhesive layer.

Breeze VW: Totton, Southampton

2-Tone wrap on Transporter Caravelle.

Breeze had been allocated stock of 2 “Postman Pat Red” Caravelles, which were in desperate need of some customisation.
Utilising the base red colour, we wrapped the top half in white, to give the van that 2-tone look.

Customers liked it so much that the first sold within days, and the second one came up to be wrapped within a week.

From a customisation perspective, wrap is the obvious choice; if you change your mind, or sell the vehicle, the wrap can be easily removed and/or replaced with another colour.

Little Van Gogh – Art exhibitions for offices

The client came to us with digital branding and a new van.
The vehicle needed to follow the same brand theme as their other materials.

The artwork wrapped to the side of the van is a scanned copy of their very own Van Gogh original painting, owned by the company.

MSH Health Care: Barrow-in-Furness, in partnership with Snows Kia Basingstoke.

Digitally printed wrap, gloss laminate.

The original design exceeded the clients budget for the fleet, so we created a clever part wrap that offered the same overall look, but kept the graphics within their marketing spend.

These are white cars.

Hendy Group: Hampshire

Hendy’s presented a challenge “this particular parts van needs to be duel branded, and ‘FPT’ require a red vehicle” – they had a white van.

Wrapping the back end in red for FPT, and branding the white front end as “Hendy” was the solution. This makes for an eye catching design, and fits the requirement!

Kershaw Roofing: Winchester, Hampshire

Kershaw’s branding demands a blue background, with white and yellow lettering.
Unable to source a blue van, we came up with a half wrap solution.

Gloss Blue Wrap.

campervan vehicle wrapping
green van wrap

>PPF (Paint Protection Film)


Paint protection film is a transparent vinyl film applied to protect vehicle paintwork. PPF can also be used for alternative applications, to protect surfaces and provide a wipe clean area.