Anything fun.
Roof Wrap on your new car, changing the colour of that toy that your handing from your son to your daughter. And anything in between.

Marks Vintage ‘Merican Van

A challange due to the age and tired paint.
We worked with Mark to get this van wrapped.
Pre-wrap prep carried out by customer; sand and fill panels, paint hinges, remove and repair rust, remove handles and bumpers where possible.
We then wrapped the paintwork and filler, in Satin Vampire Red.

On older, or well used, vehicles additional prep is required. And although we are not a paint and body repair shop, we can either arrange (with one of our partners), or advise the best course of action.

This is a white van.

The mini Mini…

An actual toy. For children…
A scale replica set of artwork that we had previously installed for Partridge Mini / Kelly. To be auctioned off for charity and to eventually become a little persons first car!

This was a red car.

Marks Mini ‘Merican Van (comes with a Mini Mark)

Why not have a miniature of your pride and joy.
We provided Mark with the same matching vinyl to get this remote control van wrapped.

Motorbike Wrapping Southampton

Are motorbikes and race cars toys?


Check those out here:


>Race Cars

Detail wrapping

By wrapping the roof of a car you automatically make the car look lower.
A simple optical illusion, by removing the splash of colour from the top of the car it gives less to look at on the top therefore making the car look lower…

Our preferred Arlon Gloss Black film has a protective film over the face, that allows for scratch free installation. Pair this with the mild healing properties we have a finish close to paint!

Carbon Fibre vinyl is very popular as a protective covering and for the look. We think it looks best on the roof, mirrors or discrete areas. Its not the real thing, but it can add to an overall look. I guess that’s why Toyota install it on their GR Yaris at the factory…

Ford Mustang Viper Stripes, Mini Cooper Bonnet Stripes, Fiat 500 / Abarth Stripe kits are all fully customisable.

Colour, size, shape, pinlines, location, etc can all be tailored to your tastes.

Black stripes for mustangs hampshire
Buy black mustang stripes uk
MINI red bonnet strips Hampshire
mini racing strips wrap
Black Mustang Stripes UK
Red vinyl MINI wrap
Matt black mustang stripes uk

>Storage & Shipping containers

Working with partners in bespoke manufacturing we can create bespoke branded storage solutions for any requirement.

Shipping containers are no longer reserved for the transportation of goods on ships…

We use them for storage, offices, homes… Branding them is a challenge, but does provide rewarding results.

Marshall Mercedes-Benz in Portsmouth needed a bespoke box, fit for their showroom.
5ft wide, this box needed to house car covers, but at the same time look good enough in the corner of the dealership.